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Service’s we offer within Boston and Statewide

  • Subpoena's served statewide.
  • Notices and Letters Served
  • Summons and Complaint for Divorce 
  • Criminal Subpoena's
  • Civil Summons and Subpoena's
  • Federal subpoena's and Summons
  • Evictions
  • 14 and 30 Day Notice to Quit
  • 48-Hour Notices—Notice to Quit—Notices of all kinds
  • Physical Eviction's
  • Summary Process Summons and Complaint 
  • Divorce, Modification, Support, Paternity, 
  • Summons and Complaint for Contempt 

The Superior, Supreme Judicial and United States District Court and may serve all process under Rule 4c of the Federal and Mass. Rules of Civil Procedure.

Boston Constable Office