Boston Constable Office

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The Boston Constable office can assist all of our clients with your Evictions by serving the following :

  • All Notices to Quit
  • Summary Process (Eviction) Summons and Complaint.
  • 48 hour Eviction Notices.
  • Taking physical possession of your property.

A tenant cannot be evicted without a proper court order.  A landlord must properly terminate the tenancy and then proceed to court to obtain the court permission to take possession of the apartment or unit. A tenant has the right to defend themselves in court and may be able prevent or delay an eviction.

We strongly recommend that all tenants contact a attorney or legal aid services to review their case and to determine your legal rights.

Grounds for Evictions

  1. Non payment of Rent.
  2. Violation of the terms of said Lease (providing the lease states that the landlord can evict for such a violation.)
  3. Illegal activity in the unit or apartment. 

Once the landlord has terminated the lease with a N.T.Q ( notice to Quit) They then can proceed with serving the tenant a Summary Process ( Eviction) summons and Complaint. This basically sets a court date for which the Tenant and landlord state their case before the judge. Depending on the outcome of this proceeding. If the Landlord wins this hearing they could proceed with serving the Tenant with 48 hour Notice to Vacate Premises.
At this point the tenant is mandated to move out or will be force out by a Constable and all of their personnel belongings will be boxed up and sent to a certified , bonded storage facility approved by the Department of Safety.