Boston Constable Office

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Boston Constables Office  was started in 2011 based on feedback from Boston Business, Attorney’s and Landlord’s .We can provide a more reliable and cost effective alternative to using a sheriff. We will provide prompt speed of service, outstanding customer service, knowledge of laws, success rate.

Boston Constables &  Process Servers is a fully bonded Boston Constable Office. We are a Boston based Constable and Process Server specializing in serving all businesses, landlords ,attorney's and individuals documents in Boston Metro and all of New England.

Our trained Constable's and Process server's provide fast, professional and efficient service to our all of our clients.

Constables who are bonded to the maximum amount, currently $5000.00, within the cities or town(s) in which they are elected or appointed may serve the following:

  • All Summons and Complaints with damages not exceeding $7000.00
  • Executions not exceeding $7000.00
  • Real Estate Attachments not exceeding $7000.00
  • Writs and Trustee Process not exceeding $7000.00
  • Capias Arrest Warrants, Civil and Criminal
  • Summary Process Summons and Complaints, and Evictions under M.G.L. CH.239
  • Subpoenas and other Writs and Papers from the District Courts, the Superior Court, the Supreme Judicial Court and Federal Courts
  • Restraining Orders, Orders of Notice, Injunctions
  • Supplementary Process in any amount
  • Certain Probate and Family Court Process
  • Criminal Process, Ch.209A Restraining Orders, Mittimus, Habeas Corpus
  • Small Claims Notices, Notices to Show Cause
  • Notices of all kinds 
  • Demands
  • Posting of Town Meetings,Warrants and Other Notices
  • Treasurer's Warrants and Proclamations

Acting as a Disinterested Person, the following civil process may be served anywhere by a constable, including but not limited to civil process not required to be served by an officer:

  • Summons and complaint for divorce
  • Contempt, Modification and Paternity and certain other Probate and Family Court Process
  • Subpoenas, Civil, Criminal, Federal Notices and Letters of All Kinds

Constables may be appointed as Special Process Servers under either State or Federal Rule 4C. When a motion is made and approved by the court.

The Difference Between Constables and Deputy Sheriff's
Although constables essentially provide the same services at a municipal level that deputy sheriffs provide at a county level there are significant differences between the two offices.

Constables may serve most judicial process only in the cities or towns in which appointed or elected. Deputy sheriffs appointed by a county sheriff may serve judicial process within that specific county. Constables are required by law to be bonded for the service of civil process.  Deputy sheriffs are not required to be bonded, they usually rely upon the Sheriff's bond  as set by the Supreme Court. In Massachusetts, Constables typically operate as independent contractors, while the Deputy Sheriffs operate as for-profit corporations.

Costs of Serving Process
There may be a cost savings in using constable service. Since Constables are municipal officials they usually travel shorter distances to effect service, whereas deputy sheriffs covering an entire county, out of necessity usually travel longer distances. Since fees in part are based upon travel and the use of a motor vehicle, distance can significantly effect cost of service.